Do-It-Yourself Memorial Package - $150.00

This optional package provides your family with everything you need to conduct your own memorial service.  We provide you with a personalized register book, #75 customized memorial folders, #25 acknowledgement cards and a custom laminated card for the obituary notice.  Additional quantities can be ordered as needed.

Private Viewing Package - $195.00

This optional package provides your family the use of our chapel for a private one-hour viewing.  It includes having the body of the deceased properly covered and draped in matching quilts.  It excludes embalming or use of a casket. 

Public Viewing Package - $695.00

This optional package provides your family the use of our chapel (or other facility) for a public one-hour viewing.  It includes embalming, preparation, dressing, casketing and the use of a rental casket.  It excludes any work that may be necessary following an autopsy or anatomical donation. 

Witnessing of Cremation - $95.00

This optional package provides your family the opportunity to be present for the cremation at our crematory.

Hand Delivery Services - $50.00

This optional service includes hand delivery of the cremains to the designated party within 30 miles of a Heritage Cremation Society office.   

Shipping Cremains - $75.00

This optional service includes preparing and shipping the cremains by registered mail certified receipt via the United States Postal Service. 

Custom DVD Remembrance Package - $125.00

This optional package includes the services of our staff as they scan up to #125 pictures and create a unique and customized DVD for your family.  You may expand the number of photos up to #200 for and additional $25.00.  Additional DVD’s can be purchased for $50.00 each.

Military and Graveside Services - $195.00

This optional package includes our staff services to coordinate and supervise a graveside or mausoleum service at the cemetery.  It includes transfer of the cremains to the cemetery and supervision of the services by a licensed member of our staff.  This service is particularly beneficial for military services conducted at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman.

Worldwide Travel Insurance Plan - $395.00

This optional package provides worldwide coverage in the event you pass away while traveling more than 75 miles from your residence.  It covers all the services provided under your Heritage Cremation Society plan and the safe return of your cremated remains to your family from anywhere in the world.  There is a one-time fee that provides you with a Lifetime Membership. 

Additional visiting hours - Add $150.00 per hour

Transfer of deceased from residence at time of death - Add $95.00

Certified death certificates - Prices vary from $22.00 to $30.00 per copy

Removal of pacemaker or other electronic devices - Add $25.00

Identification viewing or photo ID verification - No cost

*Please note that additional costs will apply for transfer and cremation arrangements when the deceased weighs in excess of 300 lbs.