Cremation with Service Plan

The Heritage Cremation Society is pleased to offer families the option of selecting the cremation plan that best meets their needs. These plans are designed to offer quality service and great value. A $30.00 documentation fee will be added to any plan selected.

The Funeral Service with Cremation Plan includes the following:

• Staff services and use of our facilities and equipment

• Transfer of the deceased from a care or medical facility at time of death

• Preparation and embalming of the deceased for viewing

• Dressing, hairstyling, application of cosmetics and casketing

• Use of a cremation casket for viewing and service (rental casket or insert)

• Staff services for coordination of Funeral Service at our chapel, church or other facility with one (1) hour visitation prior to the service

• Memorial Package (register book / #75 memorial folders / #25 acknowledgement cards)

• Cremation of the deceased and all associated fees

• The cremation container the body is placed in and a temporary protective urn for the cremains

• Preparation and recording of death certificate and securing cremation permit

• Notifying government agencies including Social Security and the Veterans Administration